Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Playroom

Wow! I can't believe I haven't posted on my blog in over two years!  I thought my "first" post should be about where I spend so much time - my  craft room.  My daughter, who was two when we developed our basement and created this room, always called it Mommy's playroom.  Now, that is what the entire family calls it.  I even have it on my door in vinyl.

This is the view as I enter my playroom.  You can see my Expression, Expression 2, my Imagine, and my double packed bookshelf of Cricut cartridges.   I have no idea how many cartridges I have.  I'm afraid to count them!  The shelf that my Cricut machines are on hold scrapbooking kits from various companies.

The right side of my playroom has my Recollections cubes that I spent about a week putting together.  This is where I keep some of my paper, chipboard, card kits, embellishments, and vinyl.  The wire racks on the top hold my Stampin`Up paper.

 The left side of my room holds my work table, old-style Stampin`Up punches, and my Stampin`Up ribbon.

 My punches are on Bygel rails I got at Ikea.  It`s such an easy organizational method for punches.

 My cat, Elsa, follows me everywhere I go, so I bought a bed for her while she`s in my room.  It is usually on my work table because otherwise she`s in my face and walking on my projects!

I occasionally make  paper chains for my daughter to use as a countdown for something she`s looking forward to, like the first day of school.  This paper chain is for a half marathon I`m planning to do in August of 2013.  I thought my playroom was an appropriate place for it since I spend so much time in here.

I got the wire racks for my 12x12 Stampin`Up cardstock at a LSS that was closing.   The organizer on the back of my door holds more of my punches.  I think I may have a little punch obsession!

I think I may have a little stamp obsession too!  There are even more in the closet.

My closet is bit of a mess right now.  It holds a mish mash of items that don`t really have a place anywhere else in the room.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my organized chaos!


cdm317 said...

Cool Room! Looks like you have the toys that are the most fun to play with!

Sheree said...

Thank you for showing us your space. I love the purple. I, too, have multiple Cricuts-had six but sold my Cake and my V1, now have the Create, Imagine, E1 and E2 (what is that about Cricut owners?). I did just divest myself of all my Cartridge containers by donating them to a local Scout troop. Now my carts and books are in the Snaplock ribbon storage containers with the plastic mesh grid. Have you seen that? Saves so much space.

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